Blocks Left

(That's about days)
Until Belacoin DGW integration

What is Dark Gravity Wave?

A new and improved mining difficulty regulator

Dark Gravity Wave is an open-source cryptocurrency mining difficulty regulator created by Evan Duffield, one of the lead developers of Dash. It was created for the purpose of defending against time warp exploits, although its benefits reach beyond just that.

Whereas Kimoto Gravity Well (Belacoin's current difficulty regulator) only considers the difficulty during the previous block, Dark Gravity Wave uses moving averages to determine the best change to the mining difficulty. DGW retargets every block to act quickly against large fluctuations in mining power, and it does so in a controlled manner.

What are the benefits?

Regular block times and a more secure blockchain

Security: Dark Gravity Wave protects from the time warp exploit. This allows someone to mine a string of blocks and force his blocks over everyone else’s. Dark Gravity Wave was created with the purpose of preventing this from happening.

Faster Transactions: This is where most Belacoin community members will realize the benefits of Dark Gravity Wave. Belacoin transactions will take around 2-minutes to be processed whereas under the current situation, it sometimes takes 12 - 36 hours. Exchanges can also lower the amount of confirmations that they require for deposits since there will be no more time warp exploits.

More Miners: Some miners quit mining Belacoin since their blocks were being orphaned, causing them to lose their mining rewards. Bringing more miners to the blockchain makes it more secure, faster, and reliable for everyone.

Controlled Difficulty: Dark Gravity Wave uses moving averages to determine the difficulty of the next block. This protects it from malicious spikes in net hash rate that then jump off the blockchain, meaning we can continue mining easily and at regular intervals through those events.

How will my coins stay safe through the hard fork?

Updating your wallet or keeping them on an exchange / web wallet

If you have a desktop wallet, you will need to update your wallet to our latest release, v1.1.0.0. You can find instructions on how to do this here: https://github.com/TheAmbiaFund/Belacoin/releases

Another option is to send and keep your Belacoin on an exchange or web wallet that you trust. Your exchange will have to update their wallet system, and in doing so, all Belacoin kept on their exchange will transition over to the new blockchain. We are coordinating with the exchanges on this.

What's up with the dog?

She seems to be walking faster everyday

We're not really sure what's up with the dog. We heard she's got her own Twitter page at @BellaDGW. She walks the same path hour after hour without faltering. As time passes and blocks are found, it seems that she only goes faster.

Oh, and her name is Bella. How convenient.